This Valentines Day, we’re thinking about all of the reasons we love our heating and cooling systems. We want our clients to know that our love burns for them just the way the pilot light in their furnace should be, and even though our cooling systems may be neglected at this time of year, we’d never dare to neglect the wonderful individuals and businesses who keep us in business. Here are 3 reasons why we love HVAC.

  1. Comfort – first and foremost we love living in a world where HVAC systems keep rooms at a temperature we can all enjoy.
  2. Health – in some cases, especially these frigid winters and hot and humid summers we’re treated with in Nebraska, HVAC systems keep us alive and well.
  3. Smell – no offense, but we probably wouldn’t enjoy smelling each other in the summer without a good air conditioner keeping us sweat free most of the day.

What makes you thankful for heating and cooling systems?

Happy Valentines Day!